Chris & Sarah

It’s always special, to be a part of someone’s story even just for a moment. To get to be a fly on the wall on the day Sarah married Chris, was no exception. It’s more than just a memory. Days like this will stay with me forever. S&C2S&C1.1S&C3S&C11.2S&C7.7.1S&C11.5S&C11.10S&C8S&C1.4S&C11S&C1.3S&C11.4S&C3.2S&C11.6S&C12S&C11.3S&C1.2S&C11.8S&C1.5S&C11.7S&C1S&C11.9S&C11.11S&C1.5.1S&C4S&C7.1S&C1.1.1S&C9S&C5S&C7.2S&C6S&C1.1.10S&C6.2S&C1.1.12S&C6.1S&C1.1.13S&C6.5S&C1.1.14S&C6.3S&C1.2.1S&C6.4S&C1.1.11S&C10.1S&C23S&C6.3.1S&C26S&C6.3.5S&C6.3.4S&C6.3.2S&C24S&C6.3.3S&C25S&C6.3.7S&C6.3.6S&C22S&C27S&C28S&C29S&C21S&C33S&C30S&C17S&C31S&C41S&C32S&C14.2S&C13S&C18S&C19.2S&C19S&C39S&C20S&C34S&C36S&C16S&C37S&C38S&C14S&C35S&C42S&C40S&C43S&C44S&C45S&C47S&C48S&C46S&C49S&C50

This is a blog post written by Sarah after her wedding. She’s incredibly special.

Venue: The Glades

Flowers: Bouwer Flowers

Decor: Chrystal and Vine


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