Rudy and Hayley




You know those people you meet and instantly like; Those people that profoundly impact your life and you hope to always know them?

Rudy & Hayley are those type of people and there are no words to describe their love and the awesomeness of their day. It was a huge honour for me to be there and I didn’t stop smiling the whole day because I loved every minute.

The weather was forecast for snow and the power went out in the whole of the champagne valley before Hayley had even dried her hair but the presence of the eternal God was all over this day and I got to watch our mighty God in action as He smiled at, danced over and celebrated with Rudy & Hayley on their wedding day. One answered prayer after another, every detail was taken care of and this day was incredible! landscapedress422decor5landscape2421decor3 decorlandscap4flowerbike decor2bootsdecor4bibleboquetlandscape3babyfeetnailszebrasdress outsidekerrymakeup2 shoesmakeuphair2things hairdressershoes2 skyumbrella things2 toeshandszebras2hayleykerryhayleybridesmaids2boot horseceremony1ceremony2bridesmaidshorse2rudyhorse3ceremony3 ceremony4 ceremony5ceremony8 ceremony6 ceremony7ceremony14ceremony10ceremony9 ceremony11 ceremony12 ceremony13ceremony15 ceremony16 ceremony17 ceremony18 ceremony19 ceremony20 ceremony21 ceremony22 ceremony23 ceremony24 ceremony25 ceremony26 ceremony27 ceremony28 ceremony29 ceremony30 ceremony31 ceremony32 ceremony33 ceremony34amour bridermaids4 ceremony35 ceremony36 ceremony37rings ceremony38 ceremony40lemonade2lemonade3lemonadelemonade4games dancephoto booth dance2 dance3 dance4

7 thoughts on “Rudy and Hayley

  1. WOW, WOW, WOW your photos are just super awesome my Sweetheart. You are so very talented!!!!! Love seeing your work. I am sure the bride and groom were delighted!!!!! your mum

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