Rocking the polka dots

Our kid’s have a book called Miss Rumphius about a woman whose grandfather tells her to do 3 things with her life – to travel to far off places and to one day live by the sea and to find something to make the world more beautiful. After travelling and finally settling by the sea she realises she hasn’t done anything to make the world more beautiful so she starts walking around throwing lupine seeds in the wild. When she looks back in the end the hills are covered in flowers from the seeds she’s scattered. There’s a spiritual truth in that simple story. This is the dream.

Lots is going on in our house at the moment. We’re preparing for a move. A move into a smaller place (we’re not sure where yet though) with a big dream in mind. We want to start living simply and light so most of the belongings we’ve treasured till now are up for sale. It’s taken me a while to get to this point but I am seeing the beauty in letting the stuff go and whenever I feel sad to pass on or sell a treasure I’ve collected or something sentimental the feeling of freedom I’m imagining takes precedence. I’ve realised we’ve lived in a beautiful, ornamental bird cage created by the stuff we’ve collected. This in itself is ironic as I’ve been collecting bird cages as a symbol of freedom but they just add to the bars on my cage. I saw a rad quote on pinterest that said “I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on earth, then I ask myself the same question.” I’m over trying to be perfect, to do all the done things, there are places to go, people to meet and there is lots of fun and freedom to be found.

So what happens next? We’re not sure. We have a dream and we’re grabbing it with both hands but how and when and where are all still to be answered. We’d love to share this journey with you as we go. Thanks for being on it with us.

The prettiest thing you can wear truly is a smile! How I love this smile.

2 thoughts on “Rocking the polka dots

  1. More beautiful that words can say are your photos my Sweetheart. Just love them and those smiles are the most beautiful smiles in all the world:o) xxxx

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