“Walk the Earth” – dreaming of a family adventure!

On women’s day (last Thursday) we, and the rest of Durban, headed for the hills to see the snow. It was completely beautiful. We felt so free, driving with no plan other than to find the snow and it got us dreaming further about traveling, exploring our beautiful earth, meeting people from all over, and doing it as a family. We played, drove, snacked on bread sticks and naartjies and ended up chilly and hungry at a cozy little restaurant that evening where Eth & Gianna serenaded all the customers on a big black piano. After one of the staff politely placed a “please do not touch” sign on the keys the kids danced and twirled between the tables on an over excited high before we finally headed home late that night. We didn’t want to come home, we wanted to keep driving and see where the road took us but that adventure is still to come. Here are a few photos from our day…

2 thoughts on ““Walk the Earth” – dreaming of a family adventure!

  1. Oh what FUN!!!!! Sweetheart life is one big adventure and it is so wonderful to see you and your precious family having such fun and enjoying life to the fullest:o) Thank you for the gorgeous photos!!!!! Love you all so much XXXX

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