11 thoughts on “Hayley and Rudy – engagement shoot

  1. The best ever engagement pıcs I have ever seen! So much electricity and genuine tender love! It was so evidently captured and what could have been a fashion shoot – the distinctive feature was that there was real love whıch no model or set up models could ever enact or photographer create! Well done to the photographer and of couse the amazıng couple! So happy to see you happy my frıend! Enjoy the blessings! xxx

  2. Amazing as usual, Jules. Their love is tangible through those photos – it must be really fun to have a chance to tell a visual story like that. Well done.

  3. Incredibly amazing photo shoot Julie. Rudy is my son and Hayley my new daughter-to-be, so viewing these photos brought a special meaning and some tears to my eyes. I love the spontaneity and of course the love that shines through. God bless you all

  4. Absolutely stunning my Darling. Dad and I just LOVE your talent and creativity and your work just gets better and better. We are sooooo proud of your hard work. Bless you all and love you all stacks:o) XXXX

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