Josh and Mariska

It was late afternoon, the sky was grey and the leaves crunched beneath the shoes of a dapper gentleman hunter as he stalked through the shrubbery. His stomach growled and he shivered as he eyed out the menacing clouds. Suddenly something caught his eye…

Thanks to my buddy, Adele Schmitz for styling (Check out her blog here). This is us after the shoot just before the rain came down.

6 thoughts on “Josh and Mariska

  1. Oh Bother & Sister, Simply perfect ! Laughed through the whole thing!

  2. i am in love with u mariska ..lovw

    u josh .auntie wishes she could come.your character you both make life and love look fun!!!!

  3. we just loved your routine. you guys are cool. now we have two “pets”.
    love always,
    Gramma and grandpa

  4. Josh and Mariska you two are lovely together.Gram and i are so happy for you two,a beautiful couple.Josh,Gram an i wish we could be there,but unable to may God bless you two.Love Gram and gramps McGloin.

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