Riaan Cruywagen (“knows the news before it happens”).

It’s my pleasure to introduce to you my latest doll and the first of my South Arican celebrity inspired collection – Riaan Cruywagen in fabric form.In 1976 South Africa received the rights to broadcast television nationwide, placing Cruywagen, as the first news anchor in SA. He has been in this position ever since, earning himself the title ‘the longest standing Afrikaans News anchor in the world’. He has since been called the ‘The Face of News’ and is considered to be an icon of South African culture. (I got my info from here, hope its right)Here is a pic of my buddy, Adele with the man himself.Meanwhile invading pirates have captured our French sailor. See his sad face…

8 thoughts on “Riaan Cruywagen (“knows the news before it happens”).

  1. This might just be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.. well, second after Vic of course… Wait a minute maybe Riaan is Vic’s father.. but I thought I was Vic’s father… Wait, does that mean Riaan is my father? I knew it..

  2. WOW, WOW and WOW again, that is amazing and fantastic my Darling, I am super proud of you!!!!!! Well done!!!!!! Sooooo hope you win!!!!!!!!! Absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!! mum XXXXXXXX

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