Friday Night Art – Made for freedom!

Thank you all you lovely ladies for joining us last Friday night for a surprise craft – DIY paper lantern hot air balloons!I love hot air balloons! They carry people into spacious places so high up that the troubles of the world become small as they float along on an exhilarating, whimsical journey of freedom. We found these awesome hot air balloon lanterns here and on a spontaneous whim Monique, Jil and I organised our 2nd creative evening last week. The dream for these evenings is to have light, free, fun, unstructured time hanging out, experimenting, making friends and exploring creativity (while sipping cappuccinos) and Friday night was all of that for us. We had close to 60 ladies and it was really lovely seeing the beautiful creations that were made that evening. We’re learning as we go and we do realise that we have a shortage of scissors so by the next creative evening we will be ready for you with even more crafty supplies. We can’t wait till the next one! Hope to see you there! I really loved seeing how different everyone’s ideas and finished products were!

Because we ran out of modge podge some of the ladies finished their balloons off at home. I’m going to try get pics of them to add in future (please email them to me if you’re one of those ladies). I took the pic below off Shauna Wynne Cole’s facebook page to show you her finished balloon! Amazing!

6 thoughts on “Friday Night Art – Made for freedom!

  1. you are too good … love the pics makes us all look so talented and creative … loved the idea … although must confess mine is turning into a prophetic floating ball in red/blue/white … for Zach’s room … please keep up the creative fuel times so so need and love them x

  2. Divine pics! We so appreciate the thought and effort you put into these evenings, so HUGE thanks to you, Monique and Jil ! x

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