Grace Perfume

I was asked to take some product shots of the Grace perfume bottle over the weekend. The heart and reason behind their product is to help towards the prevention and elimination of human trafficking in South Africa so it was an honour to be involved and help out, at least in a small way. In partnership with Jean Guthrie, Grace perfume will be donating 10% of the retail price of every perfume sold to Red Light. Red Light is an organisation that is actively involved in educating unsuspecting and vulnerable girls on the extent of this problem and in the rehabilitation of girls and women. Grace perfume will be launched here in Durban on the 9th of June at Glenridge Church International at 10am and at The Rock at 6pm.

Isaiah 61 – ‘To bestow beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning. A garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair”

I don’t have a studio or lights or reflectors but managed to get the shots I wanted by putting the bottles on a mirror with the backdrop of a piece of plain white paper stuck with prestick to 2 glasses. I love making a plan with what I have. The first shot was taken in a darkened room with the camera set to a high ISO and Rory’s headlamp balancing on a loo roll for back lighting and a cell phone torch as lighting from the front. I worked on the lid in photoshop afterwards as it was very dark. The other shots were taken out in the garden in the late afternoon light.

2 thoughts on “Grace Perfume

  1. So wonderful to see where the Lord is leading you to do His work with your beautiful hands. Stunning work my Darling and love the name GRACE. Well done!!!!!!!

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