In the Deep End

I had such a freaking cool Friday night out this past weekend, a rare event for a mom of 3, while my hero husband looked after the kids at home. I was thrown in the deep end, taking pictures of two insanely awesome bands in the middle of town literally in the deep end of an old abandoned swimming pool. As most of you know I’m new to the photography scene so it was such a privilege for me to get to be there and get some close ups of the guys in action. Durban’s empty Medwood Garden’s swimming pool, tucked under the ornate city hall, was an epic venue for Gazelle and Gangs of Ballet to rock our faces off for the launch of Gangs of Ballet’s latest EP. Thanks zero31 for the opportunity to photograph the bands. Gazelle coming into the pool.Loved Gazelle’s costumes, loved the dancing, loved the keytar, loved their vibe! Check out their video for ‘Die Verlore Seun’ below.

Gangs of Ballet setting up.

Gangs was awesome! Man, I love this band! An incredibly talented group of guys making some hot music, living an incredible life and touching millions with their music.

5fm’s Cath Grenfell ending the evening off with some tunes.

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