We’re grateful for…

The past week has been filled with happy moments, rough patches, tears, laughter, cookie dough, library books, picnics and clippy cloppy shoes. We’ve heard good news and bad news, we’ve patched grazes and kissed noses and somehow we have had to find a way to balance it all. One thing I’m sure of is every day there are moments to cherish and never forget and people to enjoy, love and invest in. I am grateful for many things. This post is dedicated to a few of those things…A big bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough and a smiley-faced 4 year old. It takes me back to my childhood, standing on the wooden step in my granny Molly’s kitchen holding the beater for her and licking the spatula. I love reliving these happy moments with my kids and seeing the joy it brings them.

I’m grateful for tiny faces full of wonder as they learn new things every day.
sigh…I’m grateful for big brown eyes and teeny tiny toes.Ethan is grateful for Herbie.And Gianna & I are grateful for pretty “clippy cloppy” shoes.

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