I’ve been having mad amounts of fun making presents lately and have been eagerly awaiting today so I could give our good mate, twoslice, his mini slice doll. Now there is a special joy to be had in giving a gift, but I can’t accurately describe the joy I felt when twoslice saw the doll.  He loved it so much that he wore it in a baby sling throughout his party, not even taking it off to braai his meat while wearing his famous party pants! Happy Birthday twoslice. You’re certainly one of a kind and us Smith-Beltons love you and Jil too much!

I wish I’d taken my camera to the party last night to capture the moment. Lucky for me I stole the pic below off Peni Wick’s facebook (thanks Peni)

This is also a sneak peak into what’s to come for my exhibition. I have a little collection in the making which I’ll share as soon as everything is ready. Watch this space! Aiming for June but we’ll see how it goes. Excitement!

4 thoughts on “twoslice

  1. Cute, cute and super cute!!!!!!!! You have such an imagination my Sweetheart. Cant wait to see the rest:o) Fantastic!!!!!! XXXXXXX mum

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