Brown paper packages tied up with string

There’s nothing like the feeling of dreaming of something that seems unattainable, hoping that dream comes true and waiting, impatiently, for it to arrive. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of it coming true before you eyes, that moment when, in my case this week, that brown paper package finally arrives and you can touch and smell your dream come true.

If you’ve visited here before you may remember that I’ve had a long term dream to sell art and fund my dream of buying a camera. I’m a graphic designer turned homeschooling mom with a passion for all things visual and photography is high on that list. When I started this blog (not too long ago) I had no idea that this dream of having a great camera would come true so soon. I’m in awe of my God, an amazing Father who gives good gifts to His children and wants us to dream the big dreams He’s placed inside of us. I’ve heard it said if your dreams seem reachable they’re not big enough.

Over the last year or so I’ve learned a bit about living without fear and felt challenged to shake this thing off me. I want to walk free of its ugly grip, to not fear what people say or think of me and to live without fear of harm because my family and I are safe in the Father’s arms. When fear is gone you can truly be who you were created to be.

I’m mentioning this because it’s something we all feel and it totally sucks the living from your life, the sauce from your pasta and the dreams from your heart. Its something I’ve been learning and its awesome when you start to see the perfect love of Jesus really does cast out all fear.

Last Sunday Mark Nyman our good mate from The Rock preached an awesome word on dreams and ended off with this quote (I can’t remember who he was quoting though so apologies):

“There is a serial killer loose in the Church today and he must be stopped. He uses many masks, often masquerading as virtuous friends like wisdom, stewardship, thoughtfulness or peace to access the door to our souls. Yet once inside he begins to kill our dreams, paralyze our promises and derail our destiny. His name is FEAR and he is on God’s most wanted list. Many Christians harbor this violent fugitive by reducing their God given exploits to accommodate their fear. What these baffled Believers refuse to understand is that the dogs of doom stand at the doors of their destiny. There is always a strategically placed giant in our God-given promise land. When most people hear barking dogs or taunting giants they hide in the wilderness of mediocrity, perpetually wandering through slave camps like boredom, discouragement or meaningless living. It’s time to arrest this dream killer and apprehend our promises.”

Lets dream big dreams and live our lives so full, so wildly exciting there is no room for even a moment of fear. Out with boredom and mediocrity. YES please!

And back to the camera… So on Wednesday evening, once the kids were all tucked up in bed, I finally sat down to read the manual and play around with settings. I was really enjoying the quiet and relishing the moment when a little face peeped around the corner. Gianna is not a big sleeper and likes to be up with us so normally we keep taking her back to bed and sit with her until she falls asleep. But this wasn’t a normal evening. Rory was out and I was itching to play with my camera so in exchange for staying up late with me she agreed to pull faces and be my gorgeous guinea pig for the evening while I read and read and clicked away.

And what a sweet guinea pig she was…

I’ve got so much to learn so if anyone has any tips or tricks or constructive criticism to share with me please don’t hold back.

To explain these pictures… Wednesday was story time at the library so we went along, and after a rigorous selection process the kids came home with Oros stained lips, happy smiles and a heavily laden bag of books. Making up most of Gianna’s selection was the library’s entire collection of Afrikaans Barbie stories and, living in Durban, our kids don’t often hear spoken Afrikaans so we’ve enjoyed their confused, bemused little expressions when we’ve read to them the past couple days. And the flamingo hat she’s wearing was part of their dress up outfits I made this week as we’ve been learning all about flamingos.

So that was Wednesday evening, a wonderful time of discovery, learning, experimentation and special one-on-one time with my sweet daughter.

And when Rory came home she fell asleep happily in his arms. Sigh… I love this family and this life.


4 thoughts on “Brown paper packages tied up with string

  1. You are an amazing talented lady. Love the way you bring the Lord into it all because really… “in HIM we live and breathe/move and have our being” (Acts 17:28)….so it is refreshing to be reminded of that . He is the Creator and being creative is part of expressing His image in one area. Thank you for sharing your creativity whether it is being a Mom, a “teacher”, arts and crafts, sewing or writing. Blessings over it all Julie. xxxx

  2. Your photos are just amazing my Sweetheart, and so very creative!!!! You tell a story so beautfully written with your camera. Just love seeing you being so content and happy in the life that the Lord has created you for. Just love those pics of little Gianna. What a gorgeous little girl she is and I cant wait to see her and hold her in my arms again. Also cant wait to see the next set of pics of your precious little boys. Love you all so very much and counting the days till the end of the month. BIG HUGS and loads of KISSES. XXXX

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