Reusing and reinventing

I love reinventing old stuff. Here are a few things I’ve done around the house lately.Check out our old cabinet. It started out as a hand me down from Rory’s kind sis which my poor husband painstakingly sanded down and painted brown for me when we first got married. Only for me to suddenly rip off the doors and get it spray painted white last year. “Captain Cabinets, Trapped in Cabinets, Can he get out, will he get out, ‘Cause he will. Captain Cabinets, Trapped in Cabinets.” It would be wrong for me to talk about a cabinet without quoting the Mighty Boosh.For the longest time I dreamed of having a dining room table. We used to eat at the kids plastic table with our knees up by our ears. I found a good deal on gumtree and saved up and bought us one which came with these chairs. The chairs are cool but I soon got bored of the table and sold it. I got this beaut table at a 2nd hand shop in Toti. Amazing what a coat of paint can do.I really wish I’d taken a pic of this dresser before it was painted. It was also from a 2nd hand shop and was in pretty manky shape with some nasty handles on the drawers and grime on the mirror. I love the crystal knobs and the total transformation.A coat of paint for a black mirror and brown couch.And this is what I got up to today… giving the chair legs the dipped in paint / wearing pale blue socks look. I got inspired a couple days ago (here) and this is the result. What do you think?And our old family piano stool looks funky covered with a Mr P pillow cover.

4 thoughts on “Reusing and reinventing

  1. Julie, how do you prep the furniture to paint it? I have an old dressing table that I want to strip and re-do like Gianna’s…

  2. Julie, these are lovely.
    You will enjoy Denise Kiggan’s site. She is a friend of mine on face book.(She goes to our church and lives in Winston Park) She is big into reinventing with old things and does the I heart market. She now employs people too to fold old books into ornaments and shapes. Her blog site name is Freshly Found.

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