Herbie (Ethan’s 4th birthday)

I can’t believe my little Ethan will be 5 in May.We’ve been thinking about party themes already and Eth wants a duplicate of his 4th party as he is still so completely crazy about Herbie.

4th birthday party invites.When we visited Qatar last year his granny and grandpa gave him this red VW bug. We did some modifications (Rory painted it white and I varnished the 53s and stripes onto it) and put it on his cake… The cherry on top for Eth was that we managed to borrow this real Herbie and Rory took the kids for drives up and down the drive way.The food.

“I am 4”And this is what Herbie looks like now (well loved) and this is a picture that Ethan took himself. I really need to try convince him to go for a different theme this year 🙂

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