Photo Diary catch-up

18 October 2009. 36 weeks pregnant with Gianna.1 November 2009. Imagination.
27 November 2009. Precious Gianna was born. I had a beautiful natural birth after having a c-section the first time round.
19 February 2010. Ethan playing with balloons at a party.22 February 2010. Sweet little girl feet.23 February 2010. Sour gummy sweets from woolies get in our bellies!3 March 201012 March 2010. Sean (my eldest brother) & Sabine get hitched.12 March 2010. The lovely couple.16 March 2010. My Gianna Banana and I in The Drakensburg.

One thought on “Photo Diary catch-up

  1. Gorgeous pics my Sweetheart. Just love your work. You are an amazing mummy and so talented too. Well done we are soooo proud of you:o) XXXXX

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