The start

My name is Julie and I am a wife to my bearded badger, I’m a graphic designer, I love taking photos and I’m a mom to 3 incredible, gorgeous children who fill my life with much love and laughter.

Welcome to Ludo Police. A few days after meeting my aforementioned bearded badger, in amongst a lot of arb silliness, he smsed saying “you’d better let me know when you’re home safe or I’ll send the ludo police out to find you”. I saw my future in his random sense of humour and it looked as mad rad as a bunch of moon jellies skating on a giant pavlova so I decided to keep him. Ludo police became my freelance design company and this is our story. We were married 13 months after meeting and enjoyed a few months of blissful sleep-ins before deciding we needed to spice things up by adding some mini people into our lives. Our 3 babes are now 4 years old, 2 years old and 11 weeks old. Life has been busy, full and wild and I have loved it but in the midst of finger painting, making cars out of anti-waste and singing along to Barney’s jaunty vibes I haven’t had a moment to think about, let alone chase my dreams. Those things I believe God’s put in me for a reason that only I can share with the world. I’ve always kept myself feeling alive by being creative with making stuff with the kids and having fun decorating our home but my personal dreams got sidelined. Lately those dreams have begun to come alive again and now is the time to make them happen. The dreams, the ideas, the inspiration, the excitement and the energy are all only from God and I want to express the creativity He’s put inside me all for His glory alone. So this blog is the beginning of the next chapter of my life and what I hope will become a snowball of dreams. Below are some pics which show our journey so far but from here on what happens next is a mystery. We want to live a life of wild adventure as a family, sharing and living in the incredible love of Jesus, inspiring people creatively, colouring outside the lines and changing the world. My favourite words to hear are “you’ve inspired me”  but if I do, it is only because of the ideas, energy and inspiration that come from the ultimate creator, Jesus, and from finding inspiration in watching other people express their unique creativity and be who they were made to be. So I hope if you’re reading this you find some inspiration to unlock the unique things God has put into you alone. As Bill Johnson says in his book, Dreaming with God, “Dreamers! Come! Let’s dream together and write the story of human history. You are God’s idea, and He longs to see the treasure that is in your heart.” Thanks for taking time to look at my blog and read this. I’d love to hear from you if you feel inspired or want to share anything with us. Let this be the beginning of many, many dream snowballs.

This is some arb artwork I did in 2009. My brother is running with arb now and you can see his awesome arb art here. The 2 faces above were commissioned paintings from my friend in London of himself and his lady friend and I sold the sock monkeys at Mooi in Glenwood. The middle block is an actual cross stitch that I spent about 6 months working on, just because. Below are some more randoms. Arms-a-kimbo was inspired by an episode of Freakazoid called ‘In Arms Way’.

Here are some of my pics from my photo diary series starting in 2009.

8 June 2009 – Home.

12 June 2009 – New book smell

15 June 2009 – mom’s slippers

18 June 2009 – Feels like home.

18 June 2009 – Neighbours

2 July 2009 – wellies

5 thoughts on “The start

  1. Beautiful Jules …truly inspiring …. you live life in bright shining jelly bean colous …..wonderful wonderful and yet again wonderful 🙂

  2. You are an INSPIRATION my Sweetheart and I encourage you to do all the amazing cretive things that God has put in you to do and be the person that He created you to be. ENJOY!!!!!!

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